Hi! Welcome to Sea Salt and Stitches.

I'm Suzie, a 30-something craft addict and recently turned mother (eek!) who has finally realised her dream of living by the sea. I've created this blog to document my various crafts, home-making and love of all things nautical.

 What are my hobbies and passions? Well, the main one is definitely sewing. I  started sewing properly back in 2009 when my parents bought me a sewing machine for my 29th birthday. From the moment I sewed my first line of stitching I was hooked! I started out small, making a straight skirt and various types of bags, but I soon discovered the joys of dressmaking and I haven't looked back - I even made a dress for my Wedding Reception.

I previously blogged at Su Sews So So and if you would like to check out any of the things I have made you can follow that link, or click on the Made By Me page at the top.

As well as sharing my latest sewing makes, I also like to write the odd tutorial. Check out the full list by clicking the 'Tutorials' tab at the top of the page or go directly to some of my most recent tutorials now:

While sewing is my main hobby, the other thing that I love is pretty much anything to do with the sea! My husband and I have always yearned to live near the sea and this year we finally realised our dreams and moved to Ballyholme, a small seaside village in Northern Ireland. We both feel at home when we are near water and we love kayaking, sailing and scuba diving, so it was only natural to end up living by the sea.
An old travel poster for Bangor - source

Read about our road to buying a house in Ballyholme:

- The Forsythe *House* Saga Part 1
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- Life Is A Roller Coaster
- House Update
- Updates (we finally got our house!)

It was a long journey, but as they say in Northern Ireland, "what's for you, won't go past you", and we have finally ended up with the right house for us.

I'm hoping to share our plans and progress in making our new house into our dream home by the sea.

Oh, and as well as buying a house this year, we also had a baby! Nothing like tackling two of the most challenging things in life at the same time!! But it's a challenge we are loving. My gorgeous boy Luke was born in June and I'm still getting to grips with motherhood and all that it brings so blogging may be a bit slower than normal for a while. But I have a feeling there may be the odd photo of the wee man on this blog from time to time, as well as a few baby-boy related sewing projects ;)  ...

So what is this blog? 
I guess it's sort of a seaside lifestyle blog, with a sewing twist!

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E-mail me: hello(AT)seasaltandstitches.com

Find out about the clothes I made in the photos above here:
2nd photo
3rd photo, image 1, image 2
4th photo, image 1, image 2
- these will link to my old blog Su Sews So So

I've also linked to some of my most popular blog posts from Su Sews So So in the side bar, so do check them out as well if you get a chance.

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