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Monday, October 10, 2016

Time for the second instalment over on my vlogging channel! I had filmed and planned for a different video to go up today, but then Hollie, from Hollie Sews, came up with the Seamstress Tag and I thought it would be a nice way to introduce myself over on YouTube, so this video has been bumped up the queue!

Hope you enjoying hearing a little bit about me and my sewing world, and if you manage to still be watching halfway through, I have a little person who joins me (he woke up from his nap!). Thankfully he was very well behaved and I managed to get through all the questions easily enough.

In my last vlog I suggest that it may be easier to sit and chat about my sewing than taking photos for blog posts....and I fear that seems to be the case! I had planned on taking photos of a number of finished garments for the blog last week...and managed to take zero!! The weather has been a bit rubbish and I have nowhere decent in the house for I need to rethink how I can do this...we shall see...I'll figure something out I'm sure!

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