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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Gosh guys, where does the time go? I can't believe we are half way through June, and half way through the year already! I've been a bit quiet on the blog because I started back to work this month. Even though I am only working 3 days a week in June I haven't had very much free time because for the first two weeks we (Robin, Luke and I) have been staying with my parents so that they could babysit Luke and now we have the In-Laws staying for the last two weeks to take over babysitting duties. So life is pretty full at the moment.

As well as June marking my return to work, it was also my babies first birthday! How did that happen?! We marked the occasion with multiple helium balloons (I've always wanted an excuse to buy a huge bunch of helium balloons...like the kind you draw as a child), a trip to a local Pizzeria for a family birthday dinner (Luke loves pizza! But he mustn't have got the memo because he fell asleep as soon as we arrived!) and then this Sunday we had both sets of Grandparents over for a bit more of a party and went out for lunch. Robin and I had deliberated over holding a large birthday party for Luke, inviting all our friends and family, but decided that there would be many years for big birthday parties and perhaps we should just keep the first one simple. I did, however, decide to bake a couple of birthday cakes for Sunday. A large chocolate one for the adults and a small carrot cake for luke to 'smash' and enjoy all to himself. I am not much of a baker (to say the least!) and these two cakes took me pretty much the whole of Saturday to bake and decorate (photo in the collage above). It was a beautiful sunny day and Robin and Luke were making the most of the weather by going on bike rides, strolls along the beach and relaxing in the back garden. Come Sunday and my little man woke up in the worst mood ever, screaming the place down with terrible teething pains! Our little birthday party consisted of soothing a very sad little boy, trying not to disturb other diners in the restaurant during lunch and then eating cake on our own while Luke finally got some sleep. I never did manage to get photos of him 'smashing' his cake and we didn't even get to sing 'Happy Birthday' to him! Poor little guy. Anyway, the reason why I'm sharing this story is just that I learnt a valuable lesson from it. Although home baked cakes are wonderful (and I was very fortunate to have one every year for my birthday growing up), they do not define a birthday and looking back now, I wish I had just bought a god-damn cake and spent that lovely sunny Saturday with my two boys instead!

As well as a couple of photos from Luke's Birthday I've also shared a couple of sewing related photos above. The top right is a sneak peek at my most recent make, a really lovely floaty maxi dress that I made for my holiday to Spain. I've managed to wear it a few times recently, but never had the opportunity to take decent photos of it for the blog unfortunately. The bottom right is a straight skirt that I have had languishing in my stash for over a year (I made it before I became pregnant with Luke!!!), but I need to hem it. Man I hate hemming...I really don't know why! Is there any particular sewing step that you procrastinate on? I'd love to know! Anyway, now that I can fit into the skirt again I thought I had better get on that hem. I still haven't done it...

So, I've covered the updates and the cats, now, as the title to this blog post suggest, that just leaves me with the sewing plans! And if you have managed to stay with me until now, I would also like to call upon your help and suggestions please. I took the head staggers last Friday night (is that a Northern Irish phrase, head staggers? Or have you heard of that before?!) and after watching Lisa Comforts latest Vlog (which, by the way, if you don't follow, you simply must! Monthly updates on her fabric hauls and sewing plans followed up showing of her sewing makes. Fantastic!) and ended up buying 3 meters of the most gorgeous cotton/linen fabric from her shop (Sew Over It). She had mentioned on the vlog that she had a very limited quantity of the fabric and imagined it would sell out quickly, and she was right, because it is now no longer on her site! I did, however, find a screen shot of it on the Sew Over It Twitter feed:

A-MAZE-ING! As soon as I saw it I knew I needed to get some and decided that I would attempt to make a dress for an upcoming wedding that I'm going to...on the 14th of July...eek! So here in lies my problem, what to make with it! Because I have very limited time (less than a month, plus I'm back at work, plus I have a one year old) I don't want to tackle anything too difficult, such as trousers (but wow, palazzo pants in this??!), collars, buttons, plackets. I also would ideally like some arm coverage because I'm just not a fan of my upper arms at the moment. 

My initial thought was a maxi dress and the Anna dress from By Hand London. But it doesn't have sleeves (although I have seen some folk add sleeves and it looks great) and I'm worried that the super large print might loose some of it's effect by all of the panels in the skirt - what do you think?

And so began my epic trawl through all the patterns of the World....or so it felt! Finally I came across Simplicity  8047 which I absolutely love (above right) but again the dress is actually made up of panels and I think the print will be ruined by that. And then I discovered Simplicity 8137 (above left and centre). I really love the maxi version of this wrap dress, which I think would lend itself really well to the linen fabric, and it doesn't seem to be a panelled skirt so the pattern would work. However, the sleeveless maxi apparently requires more than 3 meters of fabric, which is all I have (and they are sold out, so I can't get more). Add to that the fact that I would probably like to add sleeves and I am doubtful I would have enough fabric. But I have bought the pattern anyway because I love it so I shall see if I might be able to eek it out of 3m. I'm keeping positive about it because we all know how generous the sizing is on Big 4 patterns!

But if anyone can suggest any other patterns which they think the floral fabric would suit then I would love to hear. All suggestions and thoughts are very welcome.

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