House Tour and Inspiration: The Dining Room

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I have fallen slightly behind with my House Tour, so let's get back on track and let me share with you my Dining Room before shots and some inspiration for what I'm hoping to achieve.

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The previous owners of our house recently added an extension to the back, creating a large, sort of L-shaped space with kitchen and living space. The photo above shows what was probably the original kitchen, the door leads out into the hall, towards the front door.

This shot is standing in that space and looking towards the new kitchen extension. You can see from this photo that the space can be quite dark.

Finally this is the wall opposite the door into the hall.

Initially I had planned for this space to be more of a cosy nook to curl up and watch TV or read a book (I obviously had those dreams before I realised that my curling up with a book days were over once Luke came along!), while the area beside the open plan kitchen would be our dining area, as I thought it would be lovely to be able to cook while others sat and chatted around the table. We had this layout for a while, but I wasn't totally convinced and one day, while my husband was out at work, I rearranged the furniture and instantly preferred the dining table in this space.

As you can see from the before photos, the dining/kitchen area has the same lovely wooden floors as the living room, so thankfully we don't need to do anything to them. In terms of the walls, although I like the soft green, our previous kitchen was a similar colour and I really wanted to try something different this time. I am thinking a very light grey colour, to tie into the New England vibe I'm very loosely striving for.

All images and their sources can be found on my Pinterest Beach House Dining Board.

Our house has very limited storage so I knew that creating as much storage space as possible was very important. I have always lovely the look of a Welsh Dresser, but to be honest, they don't hold as much space as I would like/need so when I came across the above image of the Liatorp bookcases from Ikea I knew this would be ideal. I was beyond delighted when I realised that the large wall opposite the door into the hall was the perfect length and depth for these! I say depth because we have a supporting pillar which juts out there and I wanted to make sure whatever I placed on this wall would be flush with the pillar.

In terms of lighting, I am having a major obsession with pendant lighting above dining tables at the moment. I feel they just create such a lovely cosy glow and add interest and hight to the area. I particularly love fishermen lanterns, you know, 'coz of my whole love for everything beachy and nautical! So hopefully my husband can sort that out for us.

Our old dining table and chairs are perfect for the look I'm after, so thankfully no money needed in that area.

As I mentioned above, the added extension has actually left the dining room area quite dark. Because of this I think I will need to add some sort of lighting into the Liatorp bookcases. I also think that a large mirror on the back wall would reflect the windows at the back of the house and hopefully bring some natural light into the area. I had thought that a mirror that looked like a window would be pretty amazing looking (see the photo above right), but I did a bit of research and either they were significantly out of my budget, or were just the wrong style for our house. So for now I'm just going to use a mirror that we previously had in the bedroom of our old house.

Finally, the wall with the radiator on it. I feel that this space is sort of a wasted area, because of the radiator. Ideally I would have a pretty sideboard there, but since I can't I thought I could box in the radiator, creating a sort of faux sideboard. I also really love the display of prints on the above right photo so I may try and recreate something similar.

Next on my House Tour I'll talk about our bedroom plans. Our shutters are arriving this Thursday so I am really excited to finally get something up on our windows - we have had the whole front of our house 'exposed' to the world since we moved in last July!!! I just know they are going to make such a huge difference to the overall look and feel of the house!

And speaking of Thursday, my second Chalkboard Fabric tutorial will be up then, so I hope you come back and check it out! If you missed it, the first one can be found here.

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