A PSA For Anyone Who Likes Quality Fabric At An Affordable Price - plus discount code!

Monday, February 08, 2016

Do you remember when I mentioned about how much fabric I have (I even shared the evidence) and how I shouldn't buy any more before using what I already have? I think we have probably ALL said that at some point. Well I may have been a little bit naughty and recently added to my stash (shh, don't tell the husband!).

BUT - I came across a new-to-me online fabric shop called Fabworks that literally got my pulse raising while looking through their site....navy and white cotton jersey for £5/m?!??!? How could I resist? I was about to click the order button when I thought I had better check the postage to Northern Ireland. And that's when I discovered that I was going to have to fork out £15 just for postage. WHAT?! Unfortunately I am all too familiar with the sad fact that living in NI often means we have to pay more for postage (even though Royal Mail don't charge more, many courier services do), but £15 was a little too steep for me. I was going to just leave it and not place an order, but the fabric on the site was just so tempting - and most coming in at a very reasonable £5 - £7/m. I just couldn't let it go, so I decided I should email them and let them know that they, more than likely, would have a market in NI, if the cost of postage was reduced.

A long story short, they were more than lovely and very accommodating. They have actually only been online since November and still working on the postage situation and after receiving my email looked into the cost for postage to both NI and Ireland and managed to reduce it to £7, which I don't think is quite so fierce. Plus they have arranged for my blog readers to get free postage for the next 2 weeks!

Spend £29 or more, use the code SSAS7 at the checkout and £7 will automatically be deducted 

(shh...I think that will work if you are in mainland UK too...so even more of a bargain!!!!).

I am not getting paid to tell you guys about Fabworks, but I just really wanted to share what I think could be an amazing new online fabric source - I ordered the above fabrics and oh my goodness, they are SO lovely. The quality seems excellent...and come on, breton stripe jersey for £5/m??!?!

I have Tovas, Cheyennes and Camas' on my mind now - I'll be back next week with more of my sewing plans!

Remember, the discount code is only valid if you spend £29 or more and runs out on the 21st Feb!

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