Monday, November 09, 2015

Gosh, I hardly know where to start, it has been so long since I have blogged, and so much has happened!

Well I am excited to finally be able to update you on the whole 'moving to the seaside' dream - we have done it! After many, many, many set backs we finally found the right house and managed to get the whole way through the legal proceedings and have moved in! I hardly believed it when the keys were actually in our hands, as we had had so many houses fall through for us up until that point. In fact, I was so nervous about losing yet another house that I didn't even tell any of my friends - to say they were shocked when I told them we had bought a house is an understatement!

There is a saying in Northern Ireland - "What's for you, won't go past you", and it's true. This is absolutely the right house for us. All of the other houses had things that either my husband or I had to compromise on, while this house ticked pretty much every box we had (and believe me, we had quite a lot of boxes!). One of the best things is that it was in a really perfect condition to move straight in - which was a god-send considering the timing...we got the keys when Luke turned 1 month old! Yep, we had a baby and moved house at pretty much the same time - plus I was recovering from a c-section and could't help with packing/moving boxes! It has been a pretty chaotic and stressful time for us these past 5 months. Learning how to be parents, decorate the new house and fix up our old house for renting, all at the same time - we are TIRED!

So that is why it has been a bit quiet on the blog. Oh I have missed blogging, and sewing, so much, but I have just been far too exhausted to even contemplate getting near the computer or sewing machine. But things are looking up - our old house is ready to be rented (just looking for a tenant, hope we get one soon!), we have nearly completed 'stage 1' of decorating the new house (i.e. what we would like done by Christmas) and little Luke has started sleeping a little more consistently (argh, I've probably jinxed myself now by saying that!), so I will have a bit of 'me' time in the evenings which I hope to spend sewing and working on the ol' blog.

I'm hoping to be able to share some before photos of our house, what plans we have and then eventually how we have ended up putting our own stamp on each room of the house.

Photos are both of Ballyholme Bay from my Instagram account

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