Nautical Baby Vests - but no baby yet!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Hello! I thought I would pop in quickly and give you all a quick up date on what I've been up to and the baby situation. My due date was the 4th June, which has been and gone, and I haven't had so much of a twinge yet - so no baby around here yet! Argh, it's so frustrating. I'm beginning to wonder if giving expectant mothers an actual date is a good idea - you spend the guts of 9 months working towards that date with anticipation, excitement, nervousness, and then the day comes and goes and....nothing! I know that's certainly not the case for every baby, and many come before the date. But I'm now at the stage where I have all my friends and family calling, texting and messaging me every day asking if there is any update! Saying that, I'm booked into the hospital for Monday morning for induction - so there will DEFINITELY be a little baby here early next week!

So I've been having to keep myself preoccupied with all this waiting time and have managed to get quite a few baby related sewing projects ticked off, which is at least one silver lining. I've been snapping photos of these things and sharing them on Instagram so a few of you will have already seen the majority, but I thought I'd share them on the blog as well. So today I've got a couple of photos of some rather cute baby vests which I have painted to match the baby leggings I made previously.

I used Dylon fabric paint and cut out designs, which I had traced from the computer, from Reynolds' Freezer Paper. If you haven't heard of this stuff, it's pretty awesome. One side feels like paper, and the other is sort of 'waxy' plastic. You can iron the paper onto fabric and it will temporarily stick to it and then peel off without leaving any sort of residue. Quilters use it a lot, but I discovered it was perfect for getting crisp lines with fabric paint. Just make sure the paint is completely dry before peeling off the paper and then seal your paint with a warm iron. I actually used this idea for my friends baby shower earlier in the year and it went down a treat. I had pre-cut various designs and already ironed them onto vests and all the guests had to do was pick their design and paint colour and paint away. My friend ended up with a lovely collection of rather cute vests that her friends and family had crafted. So I decided to make a few similar vests for my little one and decided to match them to the leggings I had made them, so that they now have little mix and match outfits! I'm thinking that the heart one is probably a bit girly if baby turns out to be a boy, but oh well, never mind!

That's it for today - hope you all have a lovely weekend and hopefully next time I'm back on the blog I'll be sharing a little photo or two of Jr Forsythe!!

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  1. I hear you on the due date - my first was nearly two weeks overdue and she came right before I was scheduled to be induced. The worst part is the daily inquiries of family and friends asking if you've had the baby yet. (Obviously, wouldn't you have let them know if you had the baby). I don't know if you are planning for a second one (yet), but this time around I've already told people the due date as a week later than the one the midwife gave me - just so there are a few less inquiries ;)

    Your little onesies (baby vests) are cute. Those are pretty much what baby will be living in for the first few months, so it's nice to have some that you have made. Good luck with everything.

  2. Good luck! I totally sympathise because I went 14 days over before I was induced and it was hard, I was stressed and full of mad hormones! Keeping busy is definitely the best idea and it looks like you're using your time productively. Hope you're managing in the heat ok, that's also hard when you're heavily pregnant. I was on a 2 ice cream a day regime :-)

  3. I was given three due dates throughout my pregnancy, and it was probably the best because I never focused on an 'end point' just tried to be ok with anything. He was born on one of them, but would have been considered overdue by another date. I've heard in France they use 42 weeks as a guide but not a definite.

    Wishing you the patience you need and your body will do what it's meant to do at this amazing time.

  4. Very cute! And good luck on your upcoming adventure. I was eight days over with jane. I never had a single sign- not even a little twinge before I actually went in to labor. I cried when my due date came and went. I walked, ate spicy food, all of it, trying to get her to make her appearance. And she did! So don't worry, baby will come! There is no doubt about that! :)

  5. These are so cute! I hope by the time I'm typing this that there have been some developements. I'll still cross for you that you would be kept waiting so long. Good luck!! Lynne


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