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Thursday, March 12, 2015


Well it is now very much March and I realise I haven't given you an update on our house hunting saga this year. I'm afraid that is because it hasn't been great and I just haven't had the heart to write about it.

Backing up a little, in my last house post I shared the sad news that the seller of the house we were in the process of buying (like, had signed the contract and all they had to do was counter-sign and the house would be ours) had to pull out because they couldn't get a mortgage. Well they contacted us on New Years Eve saying they had had some time to think and wanted to go ahead with the sale of the house anyway! To say we were over the moon was an understatement. Suddenly 2015 was shaping up to be perfect - we would move into our new home early in the year and have enough time to settle in before the baby arrived! The seller told us he would get in touch with his soliciotor in the new year and get things moving. So we waited, and waited some more. Our soliciotr said they had heard nothing, and when they contacted the other solicitor, they also had not had any confirmation from the seller. So I eventually emailed them and asked if they were still going to go ahead with the sale as they said.
No. They had changed their minds again.
Now, when they initially had to pull out of the sale because they couldn't secure a mortgage I didn't really hold it against them. It was not their fault, it was just very unfortunate. But to contact us and build up our hopes like that (and on New Years Eve as well!) to then change their minds and not even have the courage to contact us and tell us - well I was MAD. I am still mad - furious in fact.

But a few months have past and I have calmed down a bit and I have had to just move on (again).

Ironically, the owner from the first house we were trying to buy contacted us and said they were now definitely thinking about selling and would we like to buy their house (again). Er - no, I don't think so!

Then a house came on the market that caught our eye. It was at the very top of our budget (in fact a bit more than we had previously been looking, but I was widening our search). It was perfect. It needed work, but only cosmetic work. But the location was amazing (2min walk to the sea), it had an South-West facing garden, a garage, a downstairs toilet, decent size rooms and was also aesthetically very lovely from the outside (which the other houses were not). We put in a low-ish bid, but the owner wanted more (of course), so we upped it a bit more. Then we heard that there was another party interested. ARGH! They put in a counter-bid and suddenly we were in a bidding war. The problem was, this house was already at the top of our budget so we had very little to work with. Robin and I had to agree on our upper limit. And unfortunately, our limit wasn't enough and we were eventually out-bid.
I was gutted. Robin was gutted. Robin's parents were gutted (they were really rooting for us to get this house!).

I still haven't got over losing that house actually, because it would have been so perfect for us.

I continued to keep my eye on the market, and we have been to see others, but none have been right.

A coupe of weeks ago, when I was getting particularly distressed about the whole house situation and had to go for a walk to calm myself down (I'm blaming pregnancy hormones!), we decided that we would put our house hunting on hold for a while and just focus on the baby coming and get our current house ready for that instead. It is getting too close to the due date and there is so much to sort out for the impending arrival. Our current house is a little small for us, but it's still a great house, and we have a lot of great things near to us, so it's not like we are really in a bad place - we have a roof over our heads, and I sometimes need to take the time to stop, think and be grateful for that.

Robin has had the house for over 10 years, and it hasn't been redecorated since he moved in. So we are going to spend a little bit of money and re-do some of the rooms (our bedroom, the spare bedroom - which will be the nursery and living/dining room). We need better storage solutions to make the most of the space we have, and it will be nice to inject a bit of colour into the house, because it has been Magnolia for the past 10 years!

It's hard to let go of my sea-side dreams. Actually, I don't think I can - I'm just going to have to put them on a shelf for a while and hope that I can come back to them in a year or two.

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  1. Elephant in my Handbag12 March 2015 at 10:22:00 GMT

    That's called house kharma! Now relax and enjoy pregnancy without the worry of house hunting.
    Jo @ Elephant in my Handbag xx

  2. Aww, sorry to hear your struggles with house-hunting. I know it hard when all you want to do is move & settle, but just think about what is waiting for you in the future. The best is yet to come so keep the faith.

  3. Aw, I'm so sorry to hear this, I was hoping no news was good news! I think you're being very sensible by putting it on hold, you don't want the stress of a new baby AND house hunting. You WILL get your dream house soon, I know you will! xx

  4. Thanks Jane - fingers crossed for the future but yes, there are more important things to focus my attention on for now! :)

  5. Thanks for the comment - and I shall try my best to keep the faith for the future! :)

  6. Thanks Jo! Definitely time to just focus on the wee person on the way instead!!

  7. Oh no! I too was thinking that no news was good news. I'm feeling pretty angry on your behalf at those sellers. Is it too mean to hope that a big dose of karma bites them on the bum?! It's definitely a good idea to put the move on hold, and the perfect house will find you. Lynne x


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