Blue Tartan Washi Dress

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Thanks again for all the comments of encouragement in my post last week - they really did lift my spirits. And so I am here with the first of two makes that I have been meaning to blog for ages - I'm so glad to finally get around to getting them up on the blog!

On reflection I think I was probably just feeling a bit low last week, because this week I don't think the photos look all that bad - except perhaps a bit more makeup to hide the bags under the eyes could have helped! lol.

Anyway, here we have yet another Washi dress! I think we can safely say this is my TnT go-to pattern as I have made this 4 times now, certainly a record for me! But the thing is they are just so comfortable, and especially at the moment with my growing bump. My two tartan Washi dresses (this dress being one) have been my staple work wardrobe since the bump appeared - paired with a long cardi, leggings and boots they are just perfect at the moment. Thankfully my office doesn't have a very strict dress code so I can get away with this.

This dress is made from a unknown poly-blend which I picked up in the sale from my local fabric shop a few years ago. I had always planned to make New Look 6000 with it, but never got around to it, and when I became pregnant I decided to whip it up into a Washi with the main aim of it becoming a work outfit. As I said, it has been invaluable! I'm normally not a fan of poly-blends, but they do have their benefits - this hardly needs touched by the iron when it comes out of the wash so it's really convenient and it should stand up to a fair amount of washing as well, which is just as well as it's getting washed on a weekly basis at the moment!

The photo above makes me laugh because I'm pretty sure my bump is a lot bigger than it actually appears in this photo - the dress obviously conceals it well! I decided to make this dress without the back shirring elastic, like I did with the previous Anchor Washi, purely because I was feeling a bit lazy and I thought it would probably allow a little more room for the baby bump. I'm not sure if that really is the case so I may go back and sew in some elastic. Certainly once the bump has gone I would benefit from the shaping that the elastic gives the dress, so it's something I'm considering.

And that's about all I have to say on this make - I've pretty much said it all before in my previous Washi posts! Oh, apart from how brilliant was the pattern matching across the bodice and skirt? That was a total FLUKE!!! Couldn't believe it, but...I'll take it!

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  1. Your dress is lovely, and you look gorgeous! And yey to the pattern matching.

  2. Love this! I keep seeing so many lovely Washi dresses, yet my pattern is still in pristine condition in it's packaging. I must make it one of these days.

  3. Oh Sam you MUST get that pattern out and give it a go, I promise you will love it! It's such an easy project too, so you could easily make it in a weekend!


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