A Maternity Laurel

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Another dress ticked off my Maternity Sewing Plan (detailed in this post)!

This is another Laurel from Colette Patterns with the same changes as I made to my red Christmas dress that I last blogged about - so mainly keeping the lowered bust dart, omitting the zip and keeping the fitting quite loose.

This time I made the dress up in a ponte knit. This is actually the first time I have sewn with ponte and I have to admit it is super easy! Another fabric that I bought online, I was actually hoping that this would have more stretch than it actually did. But it obviously does have more stretch/give than a woven fabric so I was able to just sew this up as per the red dress and it fits me nicely (actually, I still have a bit of growing space so that's great).

Nope, I'm afraid I didn't make the red coat, but just thought I'd include that photo as I love red and purple together! Bright colours for the win!

Now, although ponte is really easy to work with, it is (or this particular fabric is) rather thick, so I had to make a few changes to my original plans as I went along. One of those was my plan to sew facings. I knew that I definitely couldn't do a bias binding neckline so just thought that facings would be the way to go. But once I starting working with the fabric I realised that facing would add so much bulk to the neckline and it would look horrible (plus you would probably see the outline of the facings through the fabric, not a good look). So I nervously tested the possibility of just turning the edges over once and sewing with a zig-zag stitch. Success! So that is how I finished off my neckline, sleeves and hem. Super easy, super quick and it doesn't look too bad either. Certainly not Couture sewing, but for this dress it is perfect.

Then for the sleeves I had planned to attempt easing them into the arm-syce, but again I decided that the fabric was too thick to try this, so I went with the pleating again!! I'm not in love with the sleeves to be honest, they could have bee sewn better, but they aren't tight and aren't terrible looking to a non-sewer, so they will do. I'm not loosing sleep over my maternity sewing really because I'm not going to be wearing these items for that long (or if I do, I can tweak later on).

Slightly un-related, but it's funny, my bump is much bigger in the evening than during the day! So in these shots I'm not actually looking that 'big', but later on that day my bump was sticking out a LOT more! So strange. But I guess that's a good thing about this dress, it caters for the varying bump size!

That's linked to what I love most about this dress actually - it is SO comfy. Honestly, it is like wearing my PJs to work!!! So great.

And I think this will be my last Laurel for a while, time to sew something else! I'm not sure what to choose next actually. I have a couple of other knit pieces I'd like to sew up, but I'm dying to sew with a stable woven for a change so we shall see.

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  1. Oooh, a maternity Laurel!! I was thinking about possibly stitching up a Marianne dress since it's already made for a knit. And look at your gorgeous wee bump, not long now huh??

  2. I think the Marianne dress would be perfect as a maternity dress Jen! Knits are so great during maternity, so comfy.
    I know, getting close to baby time - for both of us! I think our due dates are pretty similar actually, I'm due on the 4th June, how about you?

  3. Another great one for you. I wish I had it together enough to have sewn my own maternity clothing. You're looking very smart.

  4. Another beautiful dress! And it's gorgeous with the red coat. Isn't ponte such a lovely fabric to work with?! I've used it a few times, and got some lovely black ponte in Craftswoman Fabrics. Lynne

  5. I'm the 30th of May, so we're super close!! I can't quite believe how quickly the time is going - eeek!

  6. Thanks Lynne. Ooo and thanks for the Craftswoman heads-up...still haven't managed to head over there to check out their jersey fabrics - why are they so far away"?!?!?! lol

  7. Oh thank you very much! Lol, I don't feel like I have it together! ;)

  8. Beautiful & you are radiant in these colours....or maybe its the baby bump. Who cares, you look great.
    I find my bump is bigger in the evenings too :)

  9. You look fabulous!! Love that purple. Such a pretty color.

  10. Your dress looks great! Congratulations on your pregnancy, thanks for commenting on my blog and giving me some ideas!

  11. I'm about to attempt a similar dress (ponte Laurel). Did you omit the back darts?

    1. Hi Gita. From memory I think I kept the back darts (I'm afraid I don't have the dress anymore) because I wanted to try and keep some shaping to the dress. I did leave out the zip though. Good luck with your dress!

  12. Thank you! I may mark them and then sew or not sew them at the end depending on fit.


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