5 Things on Friday

Friday, February 06, 2015


It was the return of the Great British Sewing Bee this week! Did you all catch it? Perhaps the readers outside of the UK aren't able to see it yet (top tip - follow #GBSB on twitter, there is so much great chat that you will practically feel like you are watching it!) . I really loved Deborah's fabric choices so I'll be following her closely!


Colette Patterns released their third edition of their e-mag Seamworks, this time focusing on lingerie. Some really love articles in there, it's a very enjoyable (free!) read.


Well I think I can maybe claim to finally have a pregnancy craving. I don't really feel like I'm craving them, but I have been really loving all things lemon! Real lemonade (has to be real lemonade, and it has to be sharp!), lemon tea and lemon water - yum!


Visit Unsplash for completely free photos to use on your blog (or however you like) - 10 gorgeous high-res images are uploaded every day. There is no search option for key words so you just have to scroll through them, but it's actually really nice just to visit for a bit of visual enjoyment if you appreciate photography.


I just wanted to send out a massive big thanks to the lovely supportive comments on my last blog post. You all left such wonderfully kind and heartfelt messages and I want you to know I appreciated every single one of them. I'll be replying individually ASAP.

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