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Friday, February 20, 2015

Only one thing to share today - but it's a good one:


I treated myself to some luscious Liberty fabric this week (above pic) as a belated Christmas present from Robin! This print is called Betsy and I already have it in the pink colourway, but couldn't resist the green/turquoise. I bought this with the Carolyn PJ's in mind - but they require quite a bit of fabric, and as you most likely know, Liberty fabric doesn't come cheap. So I started searching on Ebay and found a seller who offers 'factory seconds' Liberty fabric - Kats Fabrics. She had a 2m piece of this particular print/colour but I needed at least 3m, so contacted her and asked if she might have any more in stock. She was really quick to respond and was able to hunt enough down and listed it especially for me. I just wanted to share the great customer service experience and give you a heads up on an excellent place to get discounted Liberty. I got 3.3m for £36!

Now it is called factory seconds, but I really can't see any fault in the design. If I had to be overly critical I would say that the fabric, when compared with the Liberty fabric I bought in Shaukat, is slightly rougher and doesn't have quite as silky a feel to it. But that really is me nit-picking!

Now I just need to pluck up the courage to cut into the fabric - eek!!!

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  1. Lovely! I think Liberty prints are so pretty, although they're not really "me" to wear.

  2. Sometimes you just need one thing, and when that one thing has Liberty on the selvedge and is as gorgeous as this fabric, then who needs anything else?! I will be saving the ebay link, and perusing the fabric at my leisure (I'm pencilling in breakfast time tomorrow..) as now I must go and do battle with some sleeves. Good luck with your pyjamas! Lynne

  3. Ooh that fabric would make super cute pajamas, I love the colours in it.


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