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Thursday, January 15, 2015

The other day I talked about some of the options for sewing a maternity friendly wardrobe and today I want to share some of my sewing plans. As with all of my plans I may not get through all of these. I'm not going to put any pressure on myself, but these are the ideas floating around in my mind at the moment.

I have attempted to draw up my plans on little pregnant croqui (which I got from here), but even with the templates my drawings are rather abysmal (who would have thought that I got an A* in my Art GCSE??!)! Hopefully they nevertheless convey the gist of what my plans are anyway.

First up is a red crepe Laurel shift dress.
The good news is that I have already made this dress (yeay!) so at least that's one plan ticked off the list already!
More details on this when I get actually photos (argh - always the hardest part of blogging for me), but I ended up whipping this up in a day (wow - that was good going for me!) as I realised that I didn't have anything suitable to wear on Christmas day (I always like to get a bit dressed up).
As you can see from the sketch, I've gone for the view with the added sleeve flounce/ruffle and I've really loved how they have turned out.

Next on my list is a slim fitting jersey dress with gathers at the bump (to allow for growth!). I'm planning on using the Megan Nielsen ruched maternity tshirt pattern and lengthening this to the knee.
So far in my maternity wardrobe I have mainly quite loose fitting dresses so it would be good to balance this out with something more fitted. I bought the fabric for this dress online but when it arrived I realised that it doesn't have 4-way stretch, which is what is recommended. But I think I'm going to risk it anyway. Out of interest - if you were making this dress, would you put the stretch going up and down, or across the body? I can't decide which would accommodate the bump better!

Another Laurel, this time made up in a really gorgeous deep magenta ponte knit. I'm totally in love with the colour of the fabric that I have set aside for this make. But again, it doesn't have as much stretch as I would have liked so, although I will be ensuring the dress is quite loose, it won't last the full length of the pregnancy, so this needs to be made sooner rather than later!

Megan Nielsen to the rescue again! Ever since I discovered her Maternity patterns I have wanted to make up her Wrapped Maternity Top and last year I was lucky enough to actually win the pattern in a giveaway! I wasn't even pregnant at the time, but I was trying, so I took it as a good sign!
If I can find the right fabric I'm hoping to make this up in black as I recon it will be a great staple throughout the whole of the pregnancy. The wrap section is made up of several strips sewn together, so I'm thinking that after the birth I could remove some of the strips and it would work with a flatter belly.
I did order some fabric for this online but I think it's a bit too heavy, which wouldn't be comfortable wrapped around my belly multiple times.
If you have any suggestions for suitable fabrics I could buy for this online (in the UK) then please do send me the link!!

More Megan Nielsen. This is her Ruched Maternity Skirt which I plan to sew up in black jersey.
Again, I bought what I thought would be suitable fabric online but when it arrived I decided it was too heavy and didn't have enough stretch to it. I do have another contender for this which I think I will use, but ironically I'm wondering if it might be a bit too thin. 
I think this would be another great piece to add to my work wardrobe and if I pair it with a black tshirt it could even pass as a fitted black dress, effectively giving me another piece to my maternity options.

I have been dying to make up a Tova dress ever since I discovered the pattern (which was years ago!). I have a really gorgeous purpley/pink spotted chambray in my stash that I think would look great made up as a Tova, and I'm planning on using the reverse side for the yolk and hem to add interest and detail.
This is another pattern that won't last the length of the pregnancy so I need to make this up pretty sharply if I want to get some use out of it. The good thing is that it should still be a decent fit once the baby arrives, so it's not like it would be a waste.

Another quick jersey make. I bought some really lovely cream, gold and silver striped jersey off Ebay last year and I think it would look great made up as a draped or waterfall cardigan.
I'm still debating whether to adapt my beloved Plantain pattern to make this, or follow this tutorial here for more of a wrapped cardigan option. 
Which do you recommend?

I would LOVE to get this dress made up, but it will involve a bit of pattern hacking which I know will make me procrastinate a fair bit! This is a lovely floaty empire line dress made up in white and black polka-dot poly, inspired by a certain pregnant Kate. I loved this dress on her and really wanted to recreate the look for myself so had been keeping my eye out for suitable fabric. I have some now, but it's a bit see-through so I'll need to line/underline the dress (another thing that will probably make me procrastinate!).
Has anyone got any suggestions as to patterns for this dress? Or patterns that would be easy to hack for this look? I'd really love any recommendations!!!

And finally we have the Darling Ranges dress (by Megan Nielsen of course!).
Another gorgeous pattern, and one which I think would lend itself well during nursing. At the moment I don't have a suitable fabric in my stash (or should I say, one that I want to use for this pattern!) so I'm on the look out. I'd love to make it out of a coloured chambray but since it needs 3m and I'm trying not to spend too much money, I need to think of something else. Any recommendations welcomed!
This is another dress that I know I will procrastinate on making, this time due to the buttons! Buttons are a bit of a nemesis for me as I've had bad experiences of sewing button holes in the past (ie. perfect test runs, and then the real fabric gets eaten by my machine - on multiple occasions!).

Oh my goodness, that is quite a long list! When I break it down into the individual pieces I can see that I have quite a few things on my to-sew list. But saying that, quite a number of them should be quite quick and easy to whip up (the jersey dresses, skirt and cardigan). Oh and of course I've already made the red Laurel dress! Hopefully I'll be able to get an opportunity to take some photos of the dress over the weekend so that I can finally get some sewing up on the blog!!!

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  1. I like your plans, they look as if they'll be a great maternity wardrobe. With regard to the stretch on the ruched dress you mention, I would use the fabric with the stretch going around the body, rather than up and down.

    1. Hi Sam, thanks so much for your comment - and a big thank you for chiming in with your suggestion for stretch direction!!!!

  2. Ooo, there are some lovely makes on your list. Re the buttonholes on the Darling Ranges - I had a bit of a revelation when reading a blog the other day. It was a lady who had made the new Sewaholic ladies shirt; she had used pearl snaps instead of buttons, and they looks great. Whilst I have seen snaps used on plenty of makes on blogs, it took this make for it to connect in my head that I could actually use them myself! Doh! Although I imagine they would have to ordered online, as I can't recall seeing them in any shops here - but then I haven't been looking for them.

    1. Oooo - that's an interesting idea Lynne, I had never thought of snaps either! I'll def keep that in mind - thanks!

  3. Congrats on the pregnancy! Thanks for your lovely comment on my refashion retro shorts post. Your maternity sewing plans look great. I made the Tova too for the early part of my pregnancy and it worked really well. Sad thing was that as my boobs grew bigger towards the middle of the pregnancy I couldn't wear it anymore! In case you're interested, I made a tutorial for adapting jersey top patterns into maternity wear...

    Hope you have a great rest of your pregnancy xxx


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