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Friday, January 30, 2015

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5 things that I've been loving or have caught my eye this week:


I've never been much of a baker, but these Whole Wheat Oatmeal Honey Loaves from Joy The Baker are pretty tempting.


I'm enjoying following Kimberly's quest to update her kitchen over on Swoon Worthy. She has such a distinct style, and while it might not be quite my aesthetic, I love it all the same and can't wait to see how she transforms her kitchen.


Yesterday I felt my baby kick for the first time! I have to admit that I got quite overcome by emotion - such an amazing feeling!!!


I recently discovered a new-to-me blog: Stone Cold Comfort, written by Chloe Mullaney and I have been loving reading through her archives. She makes the most lovely things using gorgeous Liberty fabrics, and her photography is beautiful.


Finally, I came across a short video highlighting what you can do in 36 Hours in Belfast. It's pretty fantastic, and really showcases the amazing things going on in Belfast these days. Check it out, and hey - maybe it will persuade you to come and visit this city on your next holiday!

What have you been loving this week?

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  1. Baby kicks are the best! You'll be feeling somersaults soon :)

  2. Congrats on the first kick! It must be very exciting. I hadn't seen that video about Belfast before, and it's very good. What's not to love about The Duke Of York, especially the random glasses that you get?!


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