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Friday, December 12, 2014


After the very exciting and happy news that I shared with you all last week, we got some very disappointing news this week. Remember I wrote recently about the latest situation regarding our house buying saga and I had mentioned that the seller was having problems getting a mortgage approved due to living abroad? Well we got the news this week that his latest attempt was declined and he has therefore decided to pull out of selling his house.

So we are back to square one. This is the third house we have now lost - we just are not having any luck (when it comes to buying a house that is)! And because we had pretty much gone through the whole legal process we have a lot of solicitor fees to pay now. Robin and I are going to take a break from house hunting for a little bit because we can't face starting again just quite yet, but we will have to start again soon because we have a very precise deadline now (erm - baby comes in T minus 6 months!).

But as horrible as the news was to receive this week, I guess we have to look on the bright side and be grateful for what we do have - things could be an awful lot worse, that is for sure! Plus it has just started snowing outside (so pretty!) and I have a Michael Buble concert to go to tonight!

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  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry to read this. I'm feeling pretty cross about these people on your behalf right now! But I hope you enjoyed seeing Michael Buble. I didn't even know he was in Belfast! I saw him years ago in The Waterfront, and he was great.

    1. Aw thanks for the comment Lynne - I guess I have learnt a valuable lesson...I won't be starting any solicitor actions until I know for SURE that the sellers are 100% able to sell!!!
      Michael Buble was brilliant - I bet he was fab in the Waterfront, a much better size. He was a bit of a speck in the distance from my seat in the Odessy!

  2. I'm sorry to hear that. I've got my fingers crossed that you'll find something fabulous yet!


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