Washi Ahoy! Yep, it's another Washi Dress

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Well I'm delighted to finally get some proper sewing up on my new blog! I have actually had this dress made for quite some time, but our weather has not been playing ball with me. I finally managed to get Robin to take some photos of the dress while we were down at Lough Erne at the weekend. 

So, new blog, new style of documenting my makes! It's going to be a work in progress but hopefully I'll get a format that works well. 
BRAND: Made By Rae
PATTERN: The Washi Dress
VIEW MADE: The cap-sleeve version
FABRIC: Sevenberry double gauze - Anchors in navy. £14/m from The Village Haberdashery.
AMOUNT OF FABRIC USED: 2m - pretty accurate to the pattern suggestion
NOTIONS: Erm, non really, it's a super easy and simple sew!
ANY ALTERATIONS: Yes, a number actually. I have made this dress before (here, here) and on my first version (which I made without doing a muslin first) I decided that the Empire waist and bust darts were a bit too high, so on subsequent makes I have simply added about an inch to the shoulders. This has helped significantly. Annoyingly in all these photos it looks like the bust dart is WAY to high, which is odd, because I don't feel like it is when I'm wearing the dress. Perhaps it had ridden up? Annoying! Anyway another alteration was to forgo the facing (I'm not a fan) and instead I made self-bias binding which I used on the armholes as well as the neckline. I hand stitched it down and have ended up with a really lovely finish on the inside. My final major alteration was to also forgo the shirring on the back. A controversial decision as it would potentially be taking away any shaping to the dress, but on my other versions the shirring was always stretched to the max that I wondered what use it actually was. Turns out, even though it is totally stretched, it does still provide shaping and this dress is now a little more billowy than perhaps I would like. But it's not a deal breaker.
ANY ISSUES: Nope. This is a nice quick sew
WHAT I LIKE: How comfortable this dress is - honestly I feel like I'm still in my pjs when I'm wearing it!! The double gauze, which is the first time I have worked with it, is amazingly soft and dream to work with. I would definitely recommend it. I also love the bias binding on the neckline.
WHAT I DON'T LIKE: Ironically, it's the neckline! I wouldn't say I don't like it, but it does gape a little bit. I'm also not sure about omitting the shirring as it does make it a bit boxy and unflattering.
WHAT WOULD I DO DIFFERENTLY NEXT TIME: Probably go back to including the shirring in the back. I would also sew the cap sleeves on before sewing the sides - far easier to sew it when it's flat.
SKILLS LEARNT: Would you believe that this is actually the first time I have ever made my own bias binding! I used the masking tape method that I first saw on Miss P. It was really super easy and I got lovely even binding. The only minor issue I ended up with was my fabric frayed while I was taking the masking tape off - but that was due to the delicate nature of the double gauze (perhaps not the best method for that type of fabric!)
This is the third Washi dress I have made, so I think I can safely call this a TnT pattern for me! It may not be the most flattering dress in the world, but boy is it comfy! It layers well with tights and cardi's for the Autumn/Winter and is light and floaty on it's own for Spring/Summer.

Oh, and this version goes very well with my new blog design! ;)

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  1. I was thinking that you matched your blog very well! Love the spots with the striped cardigan.

  2. Yey for the TNT patterns! Your dress is lovely, and it looks great with boots and tights (those boots are fab). I am still in awe of your blog designing, I love the matching pinterest P that pops up on the photos.

    1. Thanks Lynne! I love the boots too - I live in them all throughout autumn/winter. Lol, thanks for the blog design love. I used the Beautiful Mess Blog Design Love class (really good for basic coding that you can pretty much just copy & paste). And I googled how to add the pinterest button, there are loads of tutorials. I designed the matching P on Pic Monkey - which is where I have done all of my 'branding' (if you want to call it that).

  3. The double gauze fabric is really very much comfortable to wear. Besides, it looks very nice to look at. Now I am thinking to purchase the gauze fabric to make a dress for me. All of the items posted in the blog is fabulous. If I make my dress with gauze fabric, it will be good match with me.


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