Flower Pot Pin Cushion Tutorial

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hello, and welcome to the first of what I hope will be many fun tutorials on this blog! I'm kicking off with a simple idea that had been rattling around in my mind of what seems like ages, so it's great to finally have it up on the blog. Now I know there are quite a few pin cushion tutorials out there, but this is a little spin on the usual, using a mini flower pot (seriously, it's so cute!) and pairing it with a scrap of gorgeous floral Liberty fabric. Read on for the full details:

You will need:
  • A mini flower pot (mine was about 3 inches in height)
  • A scrap of fabric about 10 inches squared (I used Liberty Betsy J Pink)
  • A small handful of stuffing
  • An elastic band or hair tie
  • A length of ribbon or binding 1inch longer than the circumference of your flower pot
  • A decorative button (you will only need 1)
  • Fabric glue

Wrap the fabric around the stuffing and shape into a ball - you may want to try various amounts of stuffing to see how much you need to get a ball big enough to sit neatly into your flower pot. When you are happy with the amount, secure it with the elastic band/ hair tie.

Squeeze a decent amount of fabric glue onto the upper inner rim of the flower pot

Pop your fabric ball into the flower pot (you may need to trim the ends of the fabric to get a good fit) and squeeze it into a position you are happy with. Leave to dry for a few hours.

Turn in both ends of your ribbon/binding a 1/4inch and glue down.
On the side that the ends have been glued down on, squeeze a small amount of glue along the length of the ribbon and wrap it around the upper edge of the flower pot, overlapping the ends.
Leave for a few hours for glue to dry.
*Tip - don't use too much glue, and try not to get it on any parts of the flower pot that will be exposed as it will leave a shiny residue that doesn't look that nice or neat*
Finally glue your button on top of the overlapping ends and fill your flower pot pin cushion with your favourite pins!

A quick fun project that uses up a scrap of your favourite fabric and could be done on a rainy afternoon - win! My little flower pot pin cushion is perhaps the cutest thing in my sewing room, I love it so much. Let me know if you try out this project, and I'd love to see how your pin cushions turn out.

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